The frog I decided to boil!

Okay, so today I am going to share a fake idea, well a little bit but followed by some real stuff. And so you need to focus! 

Let’s say we want to give an amphibian, frog, some heat environment and see what happens. So, we boil the water and place the frog inside. The frog immediately jumps out of it because the water is too hot. Real fact!

Now let’s put the frog in warm water. The frog stays. Let’s slowly increase the temperature and we conclude that the frog not noticing the rise, will pass out in the boiling water. 

But this isn’t about boiling a frog to death but to tell you something about HUMAN NATURE!

Like frogs, humans too notice the big things. The frog noticed the boiling water, humans notice the natural disasters. But we fail to notice the small things!

The small changes in human behaviour, small changes around us, for instance, increasing rents! We pay high rents for a cage house.

Let’s talk about abusive relationships. They start small. One small bad word, one small violent action and we think it must have been a hard tiring day at work. But before you know it, it will already be escalated to an abusive relationship which ends with violence. Violence that you didn’t see coming!

This boiling frog experiment has taught me that everything around is changing slowly but surely. It is up to us to notice this small change and CORRECT them, before it’s too late!

Well, I said in the beginning I am going to share a ‘fake’ idea. And that is, in reality, the frog does notice the temperature change, it is well aware of its surroundings and it jumps out of the water when it’s hot. Hence, no boiling of frog! Oops!

But the thing is if frogs can notice small changes and act on them, then why can’t humans, the highest form of intelligence

P.S. Fix the small things before they are big. 

Thanks for joining me. Hope you had a good read!

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily mirror the views or opinions of any individual.

Human behaviour flows from three main sources – desire, emotion and knowledge. – Plato

4 thoughts on “The frog I decided to boil!

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  1. Love the analogy! The tendency of humans to pass off (and probably repress) small but emotionally disruptive situations in their lives does way more harm than good. The glass can only hold so much water but when it starts to spill out, you’re left with nothing but a bunch of scars and mental wounds.


  2. A lot is at stake for human beings. And its not easy to breakup or giveup. Yet i understand your idea and the need to speak up rather than adjust. And i like the analogy made between the 2 instances.

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