Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation introduced the concept of a personal live grill in India. The first restaurant opened in Mumbai in January 2006, with now over 105 outlets in India with 15 outlets in Delhi NCR itself. 

With a considerably apt pace what is more commendable is that the brand keeps constantly reinventing itself with flavours. Right from various food festivals to introducing Kulfi nation concept, their focus is impressive. 

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The Platter

The starters are worth every penny. 

Veg starters

Grilled pineapple 

Cajun spice potato

Crispy corn

Pahadi mushroom 

Corn tiki

Non-veg starters

Spicy chicken 

Grilled Bhasa fish

Delicious meaty large sized prawns 

Minced mutton kababs

The MAIN COURSE ranged from biryani to Chinese cuisine. Soup is also served. 

The DESSERTS corner had sumptuous-

Cheese mousse 

American brownie 

Kesari Phirnee 

Gulaab jamun

Ice creams- vanilla and strawberry 

Cut fruits   

With a separate Kulfi corner- Kesar, malai, pista, paan. You can also have your own customised kulfi with various toppings. 

Overall – The brand justifies every parameters. 

Food quality, service and portions – 5/5

Restaurant cleanliness and staff – 5/5

Ambiance – 4/5 (music being too loud)

I must have visited this place umpteen times and look forward to visit again. Would highly recommend!

To know more and grab your table, click on the link below….

Barbeque Nation Website

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