Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #2 Babytravel

My husband and I love travelling. We intend to make Inaaya have this passion as well. We started with small outings when she was 7 weeks old and jumped into a long road travel when she was barely 4 months. This month she turned 1/2 a year and also had her first air travel. It was a lot better than what I was expecting! It’s very important to be completely prepared when traveling with an infant with every to-do’s in mind. My husband and I planned beforehand and divided baby duties which made the travel a lot easier.

Here is what to keep in mind:

👶 Divide your duties with whosoever is accompanying you before you start your travel. I nursed and changed diapers while my husband took care of her sleeping, roaming around etc!

👶 Keep your baby hydrated at all times

👶 Inaaya nursed and slept during most of the travel. My doctor suggested me to nurse during landing and take-off both as it helps with ear pain, but it quite didn’t work out given that my child is a curious kid and wanted to see around. Hence, I nursed Inaaya just before take off,changed diaper and we were good to go! She slept before landing, no ear pain whatsoever during landing.

P. S. If you need to change the diaper later while flying, every aircraft is equipped with diaper changing table in their restrooms, ask your cabin crew.

👶 Babies love their own space, surely Inaaya does. So we asked the cabin crew for baby bassinet and snuggled my baby in it. Most aircrafts provide baby bassinet for small babies. Besides, it also frees you up and you can do your own things.

👶 I nursed Inaaya again before exiting the aircraft so that we get 2-3 hours time frame to finish up with luggage and all.

P. S. While take off and landing, if not feeding it’s important to keep your baby in an upright position

👶 My husband carried her in a baby carrier so his hands were free while I cleared up with all the airport formalities.

👶 Before every outings, I nursed Inaaya. Sometimes she wanted to be fed frequently and so I fed her in the cab. I always wear nursing clothes and carry a nursing cover for ‘these’ times.

👶 We didn’t crowd our itinerary, the outings were every alternate or 2 days and we rested the other days. Small babies need time to adjust.

👶 Inaaya’s feed-sleep schedule was strictly followed which kept her happy, calm and we enjoyed our vacation.

So, this is how I traveled with Inaaya.

Thanks for joining me. Hope you had a good read!

Any queries,please comment!

Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily mirror the views or opinions of any individual.


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