Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #6 FirstChristmas

Christmas is here and I still can’t believe I welcomed it with my child this year. It looks like I gave birth a week back and suddenly I have a 7 1/2 month old baby.

Christmas was a big part of me while growing up. Although I am not a Christian, but this festival gave me an adrenaline rush, always! I still refuse to believe that Santa is a vision.

This year Santa came early for me (actually pretty early) and brought my daughter in May. So, this Christmas was indeed a very special one to our family. I foresee Christmas mornings in the coming years when she will wake up to many gifts, dig into the sock, write Santa letters just the way I did.

All this month I have been sitting and fidgeting with my thoughts trying to figure out what in the world am I going to do for Christmas. My daughter is too young to understand but secretly I had high hopes from her. She got Santa wear from both her grandparents so that got ticked off my list. We got a Christmas tree days back and while my husband and I were adorning the tree in front of her, she wasn’t interested! When the tree lit up, spot on!

The Christmas Tree is up!

So ‘The Day’!

We started with bringing her to the tree in the morning where she found her gifts. She had no clue what was going on and what was this ‘big-green thing’ suddenly in her room, she was more interested in the glittery wraps, obviously! We opened the gifts for her and I think she understood they were for her since she tried to reach out for each.

Then, I baked! I am a frugalistic mom plus I wanted to bake something that screamed Christmas and winter both! So, I baked Cinnamon Walnut cake, Caramel Egg Pudding and Caramel Coffee Pudding.

The Cinnamon Walnut Cake
Caramel Egg Pudding | Caramel Coffee Pudding

We invited our friends (with kids) for lunch. The best part of having ‘recently become Parent Friend’s’ is that you can share your heart out and you know they understand because they too are there sailing the same boat.

The lunch party moved to high tea! The kids slept while we were still on with our experiences. Aaaah!

Next, we invited our neighbour and friend for dinner. Again, with kids! Ate and shared, ate and shared!

Here, the kids look astonished and why not? It was way past 12 and the parents were on and on with their party. Ho ho ho ! 

So ya, this was our Christmas Day and my child’s first Christmas. I recorded every moment and detail to share with her in the coming year.

How was yours?

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