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We tend to hear that breastmilk lacks enough Vitamin D for our babies. But the thing is it is not the defect in breastmilk but a lack of recommended amount of Vitamin D the lactating mom is taking.

Vitamin D is an essential hormone required for calcium absorption, bone development and growth in children. According to a study, prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency was found to be high in breastfed babies and their mother’s source

During the first 6-8 week of life, Vit. D status of infant is determined by its level at birth, which depends on the vitamin D status of the mother. Starting from 6 weeks of age infants are supplemented with 0.5 ml / 400 IU of Vitamin D drops. Additionally, I have been giving Inaaya a daily 1 hour dose of sun rays.

The problem is that lactating mothers should be taking 600K IU of Vitamin D per day (which I know is a task when you have a baby). Yes, such high levels which is hard to reach through sun exposure. So, we are recommended to take additional supplements.

Some daily diet rich in Vitmain D

# Fatty fish                       # Cheese                  # Egg yolks                       # Cod liver oil

# Mushrooms                  # Soy milk              # Dairy products fortified in Vitamin D

So my heart goes out to all you lactating and non-lactating mamas. Please take care of your diet. For your strong and healthy bones, make sure you are taking your supplements and some sun rays too!

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