Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #11 ChanelSenses

Inaaya is an exuberant baby and me being a hands-on parent work on channelising her energy to its full potential! At 8 months, her brain is developing constantly and senses of touch, smell, sight, sound and taste is also aiding to this development. So to stimulate her senses, I started giving her an amalgamation of sensory experiences from an early age.

Here is what I did: –

1.CommunicateConstant interaction, showing your affection stimulates your baby’s cognitive skills. I started conversing with Inaaya (one way then) from day 1. People often felt it was a fallacy and that she didn’t comprehend. But believe me, my baby started acknowledging way faster than usual. She made immediate eye contact and smiled when she was talked to at few weeks. Besides this, it made her feel more secure and confident.

2.BooksWho said there is a ‘time’ to introduce babies to books? Inaaya is close to 8 months and chooses books over her plethora of favourite toys. How? I began reading to her when she had just started to acknowledge my presence! I would speak out the words loudly stressing on the pronunciation… To learn how I made Inaaya love books, click

3.Challenged instincts to develop her dexterity I always kept Inaaya around while doing my household chores explaining to her everything I did. This way, very soon she recognised the different corners, also she understood that her mum had to manage everything single handedly while daddy was off to work for long hours. Much to my amazement, at 6 months she knew what book, dinner, lunch, breakfast, newspaper, clothes, door, fridge,bird meant! When she started to realise that objects and people are permanent (even if not visible) I gave her interesting challenges for instance, keeping 2-3 of her favourite books/toys in front and asking her about the one I am calling out, games like peek-a-boo (at 4 months) stimulated hand-eye coordination. Also, I would take her out to the park and introduce her to birds, squirrels and trees, grass around letting her inspect whatever caught her eyes. Being a frugal mom, you can choose to do a lot of activities depending on your baby’s age.

4.No screen I did not expose Inaaya to screens (except for very short vc’s every alternate days with her grandparents). For clicking or video calls, we have always used rear camera. Screen of any type blocks their imagination, ceases the development of intelligence and hinders with baby’s cognitive skills. There were quite a few hard times when she refused to eat (& I secretly knew screen could rescue me) but I didn’t let myself falter and equally sat with her for long…

Talk, read, sing..Do what you want your baby to do and always keep your child around. Believe me, they love to imitate their parents.

PS Teach your child ‘how to think’ and NOT ‘what to think’!

Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily mirror the views or opinions of any individual.

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