Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #12 MyNannySaga

She entered my house as a stranger, became a family member and in the process , my nanny made me a better parent!

Hiring a nanny has become a debatable issue with a negative stigma attached.

Once spoke a prominent figure, ‘It takes a village to raise a child‘. Being a mother is not easy, from marathon mornings to sleepless nights to constantly feeling you are not doing enough is quite a challenge.

Solitarily, I nurtured my child, Inaaya for months or lets say until she started manoeuvring. A pitta like me never thought I would be the “Nanny-type” for I believed I was all! But then….

Inaaya is now 8 months and on a learning spree. She needs more of me to leeway her wide imagination. In chorus, I had to free my unchained mind from the mundane chores of preparing baby food, sterilising utensils, baby laundry and all that so it was clear to me I needed help and decided to hire a nanny, rather our ‘Third Hand‘! Having a nanny does not mean I’ve become incapable or that I don’t want the 24 hour job of being a parent. But I prefer focusing on my child’s cognitive skill and overall development than choosing to be ‘doing it all alone’ types and be smug about it!

I targeted young, experienced and trained candidates, interviewed quite a few. Then came in this young nanny with some knowledge of English….perfectly styled mane with a sartorial elegance and you know what…. I hired her!

Raising a child costs a lot these days and nannies may seem pricier but there are intangible benefits above all that made sense to me :-

  1. In concurrent to Inaaya’s care, my nanny takes care of the household chores and so after an eight month hiatus, I finally took up projects and focus on them with a peace of mind.
  2. I now pay particular attention to Inaaya’s developmental needs ensuring one-to-one attention.
  3. I don’t have to worry about Inaaya’s feed-bath-rest-play cycle.
  4. My nanny strictly follows the schedule I made for Inaaya and I benefit from the flexibility.
  5. Days when I am under the weather, nanny efficiently takes over.
  6. My house is more organised and always clean.
  7. Inaaya now has a running partner, someone to match her exuberant energy and her sprightliness.
  8. I have to worry less about being vigilant around the clock to be on a lookout for Inaaya’s unusual behaviour as my nanny is so well tuned with my child that she instantly notices anything not usual and alerts me at once.
  9. My nanny takes care of Inaaya’s laundry. so ya… one less chore for me.
  10. My nanny comes with a vast wealth of knowledge, gathered over the years working with different families which is undeniably helpful at times.

Alongside having a more controlled house now and my nanny being so substantially great, I do have ‘mom-guilt‘ settled in but throughout all these my polite and devoted nanny has been useful!

More so than anything else what is satiating is that my nanny loves my child, just like her own and will do anything to keep her happy.

PS. I know you are a fighter and can manage your family, house, work, children unaided. But if a help can make your days more sorted and life easier… why not? No one’s going to reward you. And you know what… its okay to get help!

3 thoughts on “Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #12 MyNannySaga

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  1. Great article. I’m in same boat and agree that having help does sort out lives.Also, for sound development of babies, it is equally important for mothers to be free of mental and physical exhaustion. At the same time those mothers who can and wish to do everything on their own should definitely do so. Motherhood is not and should not be about proving anything to anyone. Happy mothers and happy children.. That’s the goal!

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