Review : Surajkund Mela 2019 (with a toddler)

Inaaya has become a sprightly baby! She loves going and being outdoors. A pitta person like me is very selective about where she goes and what she sees. Delhi is a hub of happenings and I make sure her mobility is entailed in a channelised way and because I want her to become used to being people around, I aim for a little crowded yet colourful events.

Anyway, so The Mela!

Surajkund Mela, the metaphor for every frugal and flamboyant’s shopping appetite! While being in an International Crafts Mela, this year it is celebrating Uttar Pradesh with its 32nd edition.

Expect to see innumerable participating states and even more artisans with their quirky decorations, handlooms, handmade decor, apparel, handicrafts, pottery, accessories et cetera. Let yourself offer the foodie in you from a wide variety of cuisines.

More than all these, what you should not miss is the cultural activities running in parallel.

The highlight of the Mela for all you ‘chai’ (tea) lovers

Doesn’t this sound insta- worthy moment?

Anyway, reviewing events isn’t my forte… but what I wish to bring to you is how you can enjoy the Mela with a baby :-

👶🏻 First, it’s going to be very sunny, so don’t layer your baby with many.

👶🏻 Carry a bottle of water, both for yourself and your baby. Keep them hydrated.

👶🏻 Make sure you have ample sanitizer for those unexpected times.

👶🏻 Change the diaper just before you step out of the car (expect not to find a clean secluded place). Also, ample tissues.

👶🏻 Carry with yourself no. Of food items for your baby just incase you wish to extend your hours.

👶🏻 To keep your baby engaged, carry along some of favourite toys.

👶🏻 Evenings are windy mostly so prepare accordingly.

With these, both Inaaya and I loved the exuberant event.

Happy Mela-hopping!

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