Do you feel ‘lucky’ to have a supportive husband? Then read this to know why it’s wrong to feel that way!

10 months and counting, baby Inaaya has become a mischievous but not so malevolent baby. She has cleared her major milestones and her incisors have started to bud, all 4 of them together, phewww! The past week Inaaya was under the weather and wasn’t eating properly. What a crazy week we had and I was on double mommy duty (with of course, my super supportive husband). Teething side effects, I guess!

Amidst all this, I came across a statement on facebook where a wife commented on how lucky she feels to have a spouse who helps her with mundane chores at home.

When it comes to domestic work, women are doing the major part, no? And why is the work unequally distributed even though the woman of the house is working?

But how many of us think and feel antsy about this skewed balance? Much to my dismay, it is the society and its prejudices that expects the girls to be that way, to do the chores, be in the kitchen while the boys are exempted of this. These boys then become the men to expect their wives move their wet towels off the bed, close the cupboards after them, make them breakfast and so on.

Let’s talk about raising the children!

While the men today are taking up more responsibilities for children, from attending PTA meetings to homeworks, why is there a sense of ‘favour’ strucking chord within us somewhere and why do some wives consider themselves ‘lucky’ to have them?

I have a problem with women’s equality being focused only on their career goals! Stay-at home women or mothers too have the need to be treated equal.

So, let’s focus on teaching our children to be self dependent. Let them know that when they share their life with someone, they are equal partners in their companion’s happiness, grief and life. Don’t do work for them, assign them work!

Happy Parenting

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