Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #18 BirthingDilema

What is with the horrors of birthing process? I am a caesarean mum myself and have absolutely no regrets. Society often scares you about birth. Undoubtedly, there are terrible birth stories around us but there are more successful and happy birth stories. Think about it!

There are also terrible accidents happening every day but does that make us panic and stop us getting into the car? I know, not! So, why should we proceed towards birthing with such fear? We are strong, capable and we can create and grow life. It is completely natural and our bodies are designed to do so.

There is no doubt birthing process is a tough experience and it’s scary too because we are dealing with the unknown feeling here but isn’t it also the best and most magical experience of your life?

Nothing prepares us for anything in life so it won’t come easy. We ought to prepare our body, mind, our soul but if we are prepared well enough before the day, then be sure to have a wonderful birth experience.

Summing up, I’d say:-

  1. Be active (unless you are on bed rest) throughout pregnancy.

  2. Exercise or a simple brisk walk everyday.

  3. Eat clean and eat right.

  4. Focus on strengthening pelvic muscles.

  5. Do yoga

  6. Sleep well

  7. Follow your passions

My friend, stay calm and stay strong!

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