Delhi – Can you ever get enough of this enigmatic city?

Ik roz apni rooh se poocha,            ke dilli kya hai.                      To yun Jawab me keh gayi,              Ye duniya maano jism hai              aur dilli uski jaan                     - Mirza Ghalib

Being a Delhiite by birth, a sense of belongingness engulfs me. Delhi never disappoints, the city with no dearth of excitement.

Today, I am here not to give Delhi – Darshan! That any search engine can provide. Let’s talk about how Delhi never ceases to amaze it’s people!

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Delhi with its less than wonderful reputation, over the years has succumbed to being infamous. From politics, increasing level of pollution to ever soaring crimes and many more, there are no dearth of reasons to detest Delhi. There is no escaping the fact that Delhi can be a little overwhelming and despite everything that one finds wrong with the city, there is always a lot more to it than what it meets the eye!

The capital city is brimming with historical monuments, UNESCO World heritage sites, cafes, a lit nightlife, street food trucks, super modern metro to its crumbling Haveli, dusty spice markets to luxurious shopping malls.

From Chandni Chowk to India Gate, Delhi is the melting point of culture with countless shopping destinations, hidden gems and tourist places, picnic spots.

But what makes Delhi stand out is – Delhi’s History! Being one of the longest serving capitals in the world, Delhi has witnessed the rise and fall of empires.


1. Dilli ki sardi is not a weather. It’s an emotion!

2. Access to so many outstanding tourist locations nearby

3. Social life – with convenient transportations you can have a decent social life in Delhi.

4. Opportunities – there is no denying Delhi has got best of the career and other opportunities.

5. Friends – people here are genuine and helpful. You just have to make the right set of friends.

6. Delhi-casies– The food options and choices available here are unbelievable and amazing.

7. You are virtually living amidst history if you are living in Delhi. There are hundreds of monuments, each one with a story and history.

8. Art Culture and Theatre – Today Delhi has all kinds and types of industrial activities, and is a metro city with a multi cultural presence. Here, you will find state of the art infrastructure, smart TVs yet people enjoy going to theatres, music shows, dance, art galleries.

9. Multiculturalism– Delhiites celebrate every possible occasion and with equal enthusiasm.

10. Happenings– Every part of the city witnesses happenings throughout the. From magnanimous international book fair to sprawling kiosks selling their local handcrafts in Delhi-Haat, you will find them all.

You can love it, you can hate it but you cannot deny the fact for sure that Delhi is one city with all the good,the bad, the ugly and awesome. Sometimes, you need to leave things just the way it is without answers!

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