Lockdown Activity #15 My Fancy Tree

Collage making is by far the most engaging and best art experience for young chidren. Why? It  is a simple craft activity that involves picking, analysing and pasting, all of which develop and strengthen small hand musles - vital fine motor skills. Spring is the best time to collect leaves as there’s an extra abundance... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Activity #13 Cottony Cloud

Do you remember spending cloudy days by looking up at the clouds marveling the different shapes? Try this quick and easy activity for fun weather science this spring! While doing this activity, explain to them what are clouds? How do they form? Introduce to them the different weather conditions we have. Collect cotton / cotton... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Activity #16 Matching Clips / Socks

As easy it may seem, this activity goes a long way in enhancing the child's capabilities. For performing this, kids use brain functions that involves strategy. This in-turn helps enhance their problem-solving skills, analytical, concentration and even patience. Start with 5 pairs. Slowly build up the numbers. When the task is accomplished successfully, reward them... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Activity #3 Fluff my A

This is a fun way to introduce and reinforce the concept of alphabets. Children will learn while doing. Alternatively, different alphabets or numbers can be used too. Draw A on a paper.Put glue along the line.Ask your child to stick cotton on it. Try with different alphabets.

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