One cup of breath, to go please!

When we see a happy baby we praise them, right? But what we don’t see is the excruciating hard work the mother does behind.  When a mother says she’s tired, that’s all she meant! She did not mean she wants to abandon her child or forget that her child exists.  When a mother says she... Continue Reading →

Hang in there, mom!

Stay calm, breathe. Every sleepless night, the difficulty to breastfeed, the new routine, the messy poops, baby pooping too much, not pooping at all, the unwanted advices, the constant tiredness and the lack of time, all these will pass. No one is born knowing being a mother. You are constantly in a process of learning,... Continue Reading →

Motherhood is….

a story about tea getting cold a feeling of messed up world a long-hot shower becoming a luxury a ceaseless battle between exhaustion and sleepless nights your day passing by in no time a 1/2 hour nap to run the show a choice between clean house, hot dinner and shower being ruled by tiny human... Continue Reading →

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