Hang in there, mom!

Stay calm, breathe. Every sleepless night, the difficulty to breastfeed, the new routine, the messy poops, baby pooping too much, not pooping at all, the unwanted advices, the constant tiredness and the lack of time, all these will pass. No one is born knowing being a mother. You are constantly in a process of learning,... Continue Reading →

Watch what you say to your children!

Don’t we all want to raise a well disciplined child? Perfect parenting is impossible and there are no handbooks included as every child is different. Some crawl first while some learn to sit directly. In either case, it’s normal! If parenting to you means providing your child with all needs and discipline when need be,... Continue Reading →

Guilt Parenting!

When it comes to our hobbies or professions, we accept easily that we have more to learn, why not in parenting then? I always felt smug that I was (and is still) a better parent. This constant notion of enveloping myself with the best parenting practices to give Inaaya, my daughter, the best has made... Continue Reading →

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